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I really enjoy catering. Whether it’s for retreats or workshops (or any group gathering), I love helping create a transformational experience by providing healthy and delicious food. I work with workshop facilitators on the menu and overall food needs and am committed to offering the best food possible. I have years of experience with catering large groups and running The Cleanse food programs. In 2014 I catered many events; A women’s dance retreat, a Goddess Retreat and the 3HO International Women’s Camp and children’s camp. They were all beautiful and fun experiences … and the food was great! Let me know how I can help you with your next gathering. Contact Me
“As a Facilitator of Dance Workshops and Retreats I look to a Caterer for delicious and healthy nutritious meals that are professionally delivered. Deva fulfilled my requirements  and so much more! It is such a delight to work with this seasoned and Pro. Right away;  I knew I could leave things in her capable hands; giving me peace of mind. Her cheerful demeanor comes through in all her creative offerings that are beautifully presented. I got positive comments from all my dancers how they got to eat all they wanted without feeling heavy or a loss of energy. In fact, the opposite was true; we all felt long sustained in Body, Mind and Spirit for hours of dancing! Do yourself a favor and have Deva  cater any workshop you may be planning; you will be very happy you did.”
Tracy Collins
Co-Founder of Embodydance Santa Fe
“I recently hosted a Goddess Retreat in Santa Fe, NM and Deva Khalsa was the chef for the retreat. Her food was inspired, healthy, nurturing and highly vibrational. She suggested the menu which was perfect for the women attending, there was something for everyone. We prayed and blessed the food before each meal, which added to it’s nutritional value. I definitely recommend Deva as a caterer and I look forward to working with her in the future. Blessings”
~Beth Wright of Spirit Works
 Salmon Tacos for dinner at the Goddess Retreat.