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“I highly recommend the Phoenix Program. As a massage therapist and athlete it’s important for me to keep my energy up throughout the day. I feel a focused energy all day that enhances my work and workouts and doesn’t leave me jittery or affect my sleep at night. These are top of the line supplements. You will not be disappointed!”

Daphne Barrett

Santa Fe, NM

“I have done Deva’s cleanse numerous times over many years. Of all the cleanses I have done, it is the most thorough and most nourishing. I have learned so much from this program about eating well and caring for myself and my family. It is a very happy way to reset myself and get back to great health!”

Iscah Carey

Santa Fe, NM

“Deva and team are super responsive and have in-depth knowledge of herbal healing. Years and years I struggling with bladder infections until I worked with Deva and they are now completely gone – and it’s 5 years later!”

Darshan Jessop

Santa Fe, NM

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