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“My experience on The Cleanse was full of more than I expected. I have never felt more in tune with myself my body and my life. The support I received from Dr. Kartar was thoughtful, kind and inspiring. I can’t wait to do it again, and have incorporated so much of this cleanse into my life. I wish that all my loved ones could experience this gift, and I truly feel it’s the best gift I have ever given myself. “

Carrie Anne Moss (While playing Trinity in The Matrix Reloaded)

Los Angeles, CA

“Of all the cleanses I have done, it is the most thorough and most nourishing. I have learned so much from this program about eating well and caring for myself and my family. It is a very happy way to reset myself and get back to great health!”

Iscah Carrey

Santa Fe, NM

“My experience with my second cleanse was profoundly different from the first. While my initial cleanse was filled with clear-headed epiphanies, the second went deeper, subtly enriching my spiritual awareness and reaching into the very tissues of my body. Despite the challenges of a detox headache and being pre-menstrual, this cleanse allowed me to navigate and embrace significant personal grief with greater ease. As I evolve, so does my experience with the cleanse. I’m grateful for the support and the transformative impact of this program. Thank you, and I eagerly anticipate the surprises my third cleanse will bring!”

Susan McLoughlin

TV Producer, Columbia TV

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