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The Classic Cleanse REPEAT Kit


For people who have cleansed before and still have the Cleanse manual and the Cleanse recipe book

Replenish your kit with supplements, homeopathic remedies, Chinese herbs, toothpowder, bulk herbal tea herbs and Celtic Sea Salt. This product does not include The Cleanse manual or recipe booklet.


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Previously, this cleanse was only available as a 10 day program. We have expanded the options of our cleanse.

The cleanse can be done In 3-10 days.
• If doing a 3 day cleanse, do 2 days of The Building Phase and 1 day of The Liver Flush Phase.

• If doing a 7 day cleanse then do 2 days of The Building Phase, 2 days of The Liver Flush Phase, 1 day of The Greens Only Phase and then 2 days of The Reintroducing Phase

• If doing a 10 day cleanse, then do 2 days of The Building Phase, 3 days of The Liver Flush Phase, 3 days of The Greens Only Phase and then 2 days of The Reintroducing Phase.

There are a variety of combinations that you could cleanse and we recommend you speak with your cleanse facilitator or Deva Khalsa or Dr. Kartar.


If you want to feel really light and energized, and enjoy the best tasting and fulfilling cleanse ever, you will love Deva Health. She is the best.
~Gurumeet Kaur Khalsa

I have done Deva’s cleanse numerous times over many years. Of all the cleanses I have done, it is the most thorough and most nourishing. I have learned so much from this program about eating well and caring for myself and my family. It is a very happy way to reset myself and get back to great health!
~Iscah Carey

In the year I have known Deva, I have completed two 40-day cleanses with her. My experience with each has been very different: the first was emotionally cleansing, while the second continued renewal of my physical body. Deva was available by phone, text, and email to cheer me on and answer any questions that came up, always the same day. She offered flexible options for picking up kits and prepared food on the days that I didn’t want to cook for myself. The food! Deva’s food made cleansing enjoyable. There was no sense of sacrifice with the beautiful presentation, vibrant colors, and varied textures. With every bite, I felt the love and prayers that went its preparation. Thank you, Deva, for providing the Cleanse as part of my self-care!
~Joanna Kolodziejski

Deva has been health and emotional savior for over 20 years. She is intuitive and highly experienced. The two together make her and the cleanse she prepares a truly inspirational and effective combo. She works miracles for me.
~Kati Farkas



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Dimensions 9 × 6 × 4 in
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