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About Deva

Deva Kaur Khalsa, AHP, BA, RYT

Deva Khalsa is the owner of The Cleanse of Santa Fe.

Ayurvedic Practitioner, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Trainer, Deva embodies the spirit of a healthy lifestyle and began practicing Kundalini Yoga in Vancouver, Canada in 1992. In 1996 she moved to New Mexico and began to personally study yoga and Ayurveda with Yogi Bhajan and Amadea Morningstar. In the Fall of 2009 Deva went back to school to the California College of Ayurveda and studied for 3 years to become an Ayurvedic Health Practitioner. Deva has been teaching Kundalini Yoga for over 27 years. She also teaches Ayurvedic cooking and raw food prep classes. In 2017 she completed the Clinical Herbalist program at UNM.

She is passionate about empowering people to take control of their health and lives with Ayurveda, conscious living, and yoga. Ayurveda is a natural healing system that has been successfully practiced for thousands of years. Originating in ancient India, this medical tradition states that each person’s path toward optimal health is unique—because each person is unique. Deva works with you to create an individualized program based on effective time-honored principles that focus on understanding your particular body-mind constitution and the unique nature of your imbalances. Her goal is to create, within your body and mind, an optimum environment for healing to take place to maximize your body’s innate ability to heal itself using lifestyle adjustments, dietary changes, herbs, sound/mantra therapy, aromatherapy, Kundalini Yoga and meditation.

Deva was very passionate about Raw Living Foods from 2002-2009 and saw great transformation using this healing technique. However for some people, Raw Living Foods can be too cool, hard to digest and aggravating for their system. After studying Ayurveda, Deva works individually with clients to design an appropriate program seeing everyone in their uniqueness.

In 2008, Deva launched a new gourmet, raw food company. Food On Purpose™ is a gourmet, raw snack line that is gluten, dairy and sugar free. The product line was sold in over 30 Whole Foods stores around the southwest and the west coast of the US. In July, 2010 Deva sold this company. 

Deva now solely focuses on Ayurvedic consultations and Kundalini Yoga Training which you can do in Santa Fe or Albuquerque, New Mexico or online with her from your own home abroad.